Thursday, 5 July 2012


Andy Murray is edging closer to a first Wimbledon final and some believe that this may finally be his year. Here are some opinions from the public via Post, Phone, E-mail, Twitter, Text message, Face to Face, Skype and Webcam as we ask the question CAN ANDY MURRAY WIN WIMBLEDON?


Anon, via twitter

Let's put this way if he wins it, then he's British, if he doesn't then he's just a bloody Scotsman.

Miles Culverhouse, Oxshott via post

I'm sorry but he hasn't got a hope in hell, I think he'll reach the final where he will get soundly beaten.

R.Federer, Wimbledon via Webcam

Murray is da best playa in eng no doubtz fuck federer murray 2 win

Ballboy, via text

OMG! shuuut up Ballboy u r a dik head murray shuld play womenz tennis coz he plays like a gay

Ace Ben Server, via text

It is strange because he has a lot more passion and fight than Tim Henman ever had and certainly has more chance of winning than him, but I still just get the urge to shout common Tim whenever I'm watching a game, that's something that will never leave me.

Judy Murray, via Skype

"Er yes, yes I think he can do it why not, common Murray! Anyway my names Graham and I wondered whether you'd be interested in getting any double glazing"?...............

Graham, via phone

"I don't know mate, I don't really like Tennis, sorry who are you and what's this about?"

Anon, face to face 

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