Sunday, 17 June 2012


Justin Lee Collins will play Pudsey
Rock Of Ages star Justin Lee Collins is to play Britain's Got Talent winner Pudsey the dog in a new film, it has been confirmed.

Shaggy haired Lee Collins has signed a deal with first time producer ex Big Brother contestant Bubble, to portray the much loved dancing dog, in a film set to be called 'Doggy Style'.

Pudsey, from Wellingborough shot to fame last month when he scooped the £500,000 prize for his dancing act alongside partner Ashleigh.

The film which will begin shooting in the Autumn, is to be all about Pudsey's life, how he struggled in his early years as an abandoned pup, when he first met the love of his life Ashleigh and their rise to fame as the fabulous dancing duo. Bubble's brother Squeak who is helping him produce the film explained the reasons behind casting Justin Lee Collins as Pudsey. 
"We thought Justin would be perfect for the role, he's got lots of hair like a dog, so that's a good start and it's a non speaking role, apart from the odd bark here and there, which is perfect for anyone who's ever heard Justin speak".

How Justin Lee Collins will look in the film
Bristol born Lee Collins has received many plaudits for his role as Dennis Dupree in the West End production Rock Of Ages and is said to be over the moon to have landed this unusual role as a dog for his first film. A close friend of the former TV host said "Justin's really looking forward to playing a dog, he's been researching Pudsey's life in detail and studying his every move, some people have said he's already getting into character, by licking his balls, pissing in the garden and not washing for weeks, but if you know Justin as well as I do, that's normal behaviour".

The public are now keen to know who will play Ashleigh alongside Lee Collins, but although no official announcement has been made yet, rumours are circulating that it could be former Eastenders actress Michelle Ryan, who played Zoe Slater in the BBC soap.

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