Friday, 16 March 2012


Singer Sheeran
Popular singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran was furious last night after Suffolk County Council refused him planning permission to build a Lego house close to his home in Framlingham.

The 21 year old 'A Team' singer had all the pieces collected and was ready to start the building work on Monday, when the council stepped in and refused him permission, stating it would cause too much of a distraction for passing traffic.

What his lego house may have looked like 

Last night an angry Sheeran, who was drunk again, is determined to fight the council tooth and nail for his right to build a Lego house. Ed blasted "I don't see what the problem is, if things go wrong we can knock it down, there's only one thing on my mind and that's getting my Lego house built".

In a statement, Suffolk County Council leader William Wolsey explained the descision, he said "We need to think of the safety of the public, this is a busy road and traffic moves at quite a pace. A Lego house in view, may cause people to stop and observe, which could indeed lead to traffic congestion.... or a massive six car pile up, with cars flipping over on their back wheels and no one wants to see that. So unfortunately for Ed it won't be possible, shame because I like his music, not so keen on him though".

Ed Sheeran who wrote all his songs with a pen was hoping to live in his new Lego house after having problems with the heating in his current place. "Our house get's cold when you cut the heating" he explained.

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