Friday, 9 March 2012


Here is a look at five celebs who love a bit of gum action.

Britney Spears

Britney Spearmint
Teen sensation turned head-case Britney, has been churning out bubblegum pop songs for years, but would you believe she's completely crazy about bubblegum itself and gets through 3 packets a day. Her love for bubblegum goes all the way back to her school days when she would chew gum in lessons, tap a pen on the desk and dance in the corridors. Her 1999 hit 'You drive me crazy' wasn't about a man she was seeing at the time but about her adoration for bubblegum, stating in the lyrics that it kept her up all night thinking about it. Britney's love of bubblegum did attract a lot of unwanted media attention, in 2007 she famously shaved all her hair off in protest on the ban of chewing gum in Singapore, where thousands of Britney fans were being, she said "deprived of chewing gum". Unfortunately this was ignored by the Singapore government and the ban stood.

P. Diddy/Diddy/ Puff Daddy/ Puffy/ Puff/ Sean Combs/ Sean John Combs 

If you were to talk your way in to having a look around the bad boy rap star's seven million dollar mansion, you might expect to find a room full of guns, what you wouldn't expect to find is a room full of gums, because such is his love for all things chewy, the 42 year old 'I'll be missing you' singer has a whole room dedicated to chewing gum, this room has a high level security system and only a few of those close to Combs have ever been lucky enough to enter. Rumour has it that the Bad Boy records owner has every brand of chewing gum you could imagine, these are all set out in alphabetical order and each flavour is separate.

Sir Alex Ferguson

The fiery Scotsman loves a good chew during matches and can get through a whole pack of Wrigley's Extra strength in 90 minutes. The Manchester United boss is known to get red faced with anger during games so he must have gum to help calm him down, otherwise the safety of players and officials comes under threat. Just ask David Beckham. In 2003 before a match against Arsenal, Fergie only had only half a pack of gum left, so he called Beckham and asked him to pick some up on the way to the game. Becks then forgot and United went down 2-0. Fergie was furious and kicked a football boot at Beckham leaving him with a cut eye. Ferguson is famous for his hairdryer treatment, where he shouts in the face of an under performing player. Former United stars who were unfortunate enough to bare the brunt of Fergie have said it wasn't always that bad, as most of the time his breath was smelling minty fresh.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams

Bearded God botherer Williams once held down a sixty a day cigarette habit, famously chain smoking through his sermons. When the smoking ban took effect in 2007 he was no longer allowed to smoke in church, so Williams decided to quit the fags and took to chewing gum instead. The Welsh born Archbishop loved the gum so much that he often gives out free Hubba Bubba to his congregation and even once gave a speech on how chewing gum can ignite your faith in God.

Denise Nickerson

The 54 year old former actress was a hardened gumslinger and was said to be one of the best at chewing gum of her time, perfecting the art to a tee. This would see her land a dream role as obsessive gum chewer Violet Beauregarde in the 1971 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Since then acting parts for women who chewed gum were few and far between and for Nickerson work became difficult to find. She quit acting in 1978 and these days works as an accountant at an engineering plant. So now she's just an accountant who's good at chewing gum.

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