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Police officers in the Rotherham area of South Yorkshire are asking communities to be vigilant against a suspected cup a soup thief who is believed to be stealing people's last packet soup.

Soups just like these are being stolen
This was first brought to the attention of the police last Wednesday, when a 68 year old woman from Brinsworth attempted to retrieve her last packet soup from the box and realised it had been taken.
Her husband, who also lives at the address denied taking the soup, this then led them to suspect theft and they rang the police immediately. When investigating the property police found no signs of a break-in, but they are treating it as burglary. The woman was visibly shaken by the ordeal and has pleaded with police to catch the monster responsible.

As yet there have been no other incidents reported, but information from a local supermarket could lead to a breakthrough. A man was seen to be behaving suspiciously in and around the vicinity of the packet soups, picking up various selections, looking at them intently before placing them back on the shelf, this lasted around about five minutes before the man fled to the frozen food section with his trolley. This is the man police wish to speak to in connection with the thefts.

In a statement yesterday Chief Souperintendent of the South Yorkshire Police a Mr Brian Tazer gave the description of the man, "So far we have gathered enough information to know that this person is male, around 5"8, in his late forties, stocky build with a carrot and coriander top. We also have suspicion to believe that this man may be stealing the soups, taking them back to his batchelor's pad and selling them on. This man is not said to be dangerous but we ask that you do not approach him and if you are to see anything suspicious to contact South Yorkshire Police right away. We thank you for your co-operation and ask that you to remain calm in what is a difficult time for everyone. If you do own a cup a soup collection please ensure you keep it safe at all times".

In the last year the rise in packet food crime has risen by one per-cent, this latest unlawful act being the third incident in the last 6 months. In Chester late last summer after a robbery at a co-op, the police arrested a  gang of youths, finding bags of cigarettes and alcohol worth up to a thousand pounds, among these bags were two packets of instant super noodles, and only as far back as January this year a shop keeper in Bermondsey found himself in hot water when he sold a packet of cous cous that was two days past it's sell by date.

Worried about your packet soup being stolen? Here are a few handy tips to help deter any burglars from snatching your tasty liquid treats. 

  • Don't leave your soup packets on full display for everyone to see, try putting them in a kitchen cupboard for safe keeping.
  • If you are going away on holiday for a substantial amount of time and are leaving any soup behind, politely ask a neighbour to look after them until you arrive home.
  • When you are talking about your lavish cup a soup collection to friends whether it be in person or on the phone, be careful as you don't know who might be listening in.
  • If anyone comes knocking at your door saying they are from Batchelors and they have come to check your soup collection, you must ask to see some ID. If your still not sure call the Batchelors hotline to see if this exercise exists.

Your soup concerns!

I am and avid fan of cup a soup and have been drinking and eating the stuff for over 50 years and I can't comprehend why anyone would want to steal someones soup, especially in the winter time when it is most needed. This scumbag needs locking up and if he was to break in to my home and try to steal my packet of minestrone, I'm sorry but I'd cut his balls off, puree them in a blender before force feeding them to him with a soup spoon.

Edna Gatsby, Lincoln 

Being from Rotherham and owning a packet soup collection myself, these certainly are worrying times, so I've decided not to take any chances, until they catch the thief I will be buying my soup in tins.

Paul Chowder, Rotherham

Although it is totally wrong to break into someones house and steal their soup, does anyone perhaps think this person maybe an addict after his next slurp. If so I have sympathy for the person doing this as I suffered with a packet soup addiction for over 20 years and believe me you will do anything for soup. I got so desperate that I once whored myself to a soup factory worker for just a few spoonfuls of asparagus.

Dawn French-Onion, Aldershot

I think not only is this person breaking the law but they're damn right lazy, I mean how hard is it to make your own soup, why do people feel the need to buy this packet stuff, homemade soup is much tastier, just ask my husband Len, he just loves my beetroot and tomato spectacular.

Anne Bishop, Crouton

My wife makes these horrible homemade soups that even a vagrant wouldn't touch, honestly they taste like what I can only describe as a pair of sweaty bollocks, blended into a puree. I would do anything for a cup a soup, but I wouldn't break into someones house, because I'm not a criminal.

Len Bishop, Crouton  

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