Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Here we take a look at some of the hardened drinkers that grace our 'Great' British Government.

Mark Reckless - Conservative Politician

Reckless by name, reckless by nature, that's because when the member of parliament for Rochester and Strood get's a drink inside him anything can happen. Some nights he's up to until 11.30pm.

Fave Drink- Dry white wine.

Most Drunk In One Night-  A bottle and a half of Pinot Grigio.

Fave Nightspot- House of Commons bar.

Memorable Drunken Moment- Got wired in the commons bar and missed a budget vote.

Party Trick - Building a fort with beer mats.

Famous Drunken Quote- "I'm vely vely drunk".

Eric Joyce - Labour Politician

The feisty 51 year old Scot is not to be messed with, especially after a night on the sauce. If talk turns to politics, anyone from opposition parties are advised to steer clear. Big Eric is barred from nearly all of the top nightspots frequented by politicians.

Fave Drink - Stella and Whisky

Most Drunk In One Night - 10 pints of Stella, 4 large Famous Grouse whisky's, 3 suicide Tequila's and a Jaeger Bomb.

Fave Nightspot - Any place which will let him in.

Memorable Drunken Moment - Punched and head butted a conservative MP after he looked at him the wrong way.

Party Trick - Biting through a glass bottle.

Famous Drunken Quote - "See you Jimmy".

Paul Farrelly - Labour Politician

The Newcastle born MP loves to be the centre of attention on nights out and often get's the party started by ordering a round of shots and being the first up to sing on karaoke.

Fave Drink - Brown Ale and Vodka Jelly's.

Most Drunk In One Night - 6 bottles of Brown Ale and 14 Vodka Jelly's. 

Fave Nightspot - The Parliament Sports and Social Club.

Memorable Drunken Moment - Wrestled with a man outside the social club after he heckled his karaoke version of Ant and Dec's 'Lets Get Ready To Rumble'.

Party Trick - Can get 5 Vodka Jelly's in his mouth at one time.

Famous Drunken Quote - "I fucking love you Miliband".

Sheryll Murray - Conservative Politician

The Member of Parliament for South East Cornwall is a professional career driven woman, but get a drink inside her and she turns into a loud mouthed embarrassment.

Fave Drink -  Watermelon Bacardi Breezer.

Most Drunk In One Night - Bottle of Lambrini and 6 Bacardi Breezer.

Fave Nightspot - House of Commons Terrace Restaurant and Bar.

Memorable Drunken Moment - Was rude to the Commons doorkeeper when he tried to help her up off the floor.

Party Trick - Resting a pint between her breasts.

Famous Drunken Quote - "I ain't done nuffink".

Charles Kennedy - Liberal Democrat Politician

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats is always up for a drink, whether that be morning, noon or night. The problem for Kennedy is that work often get's in the way of his drinking.

Fave Drink - Anything with more than 10% abv.

Most Drunk in One Night - Due to obscene amounts of alcohol consumption the quantity is unknown.

Fave Nightspot - Hyde Park, second bench on the left.

Memorable Drunken Moment - Caught smoking on a train after playing pub golf. 

Party Trick - Making drinks disappear down his gullet in quick time.

Famous Drunken Quote - "What time is it? It's rehab time!".

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