Sunday, 23 October 2011


Here is a selection of E-mails on events of the last week

"Well that's Bin Laden and Gaddafi down, just need to find Piers Morgan now".

Paul Beauchamp, Gloucestershire

"I can't believe they're even considering scrapping relegation from the Premier League, what a ridiculous idea. What will these idiots come up with next, let me guess no promotion to the Premier League".

Stuart Downs, Brighton

"I hear Westlife are planning a re-union tour in 2015. Can't wait".

Uptown Gal

"I am a Marksman in the Police and I was sent down to the disturbances at Dale Farm in the week. We were required to open fire three times and I won a Goldfish, a Teddy Bear and an inflatable Hammer. What a day"!

PC Happy, Luton

"I think every contestant on this year's X Factor deserves to be on that stage".

L.Walsh, Dublin

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