Tuesday, 18 October 2011


The President of the Courts for England and Wales The Lord Chief Justice was today accused of bragging to friends about a four year sentence he dished out to two youths on Facebook.

The pair who can not be named for legal reasons were given a four year jail term on monday for inciting the London riots on Facebook, but in an ironic twist the very man who dished out those punishments could now be in the dock himself for using the same social networking site.http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=c33b0553b979646fc90ed6f8f2574310

The Lord Chief Justice who's Facebook name is said to read 'The Chief 'wrote a status around 9pm on Monday night which read "Nailed the bastards for 4 years, Get in". A few friends of The Chief commented on his status, one male friend replied with "I didn't think you would, you wiley old fox, this calls for a couple of stiff ones". In which the Chief responded by saying "I told you I don't piss about, gave the little shits what they deserve, are you coming over then?".  

Serious Allegations

If these allegations are true the Lord Chief Justice could face losing his job and his private life in tatters. A colleague of the Lord who has worked with him throughout his career said "This is obviously some kind of hoax, his Facebook name isn't 'The Chief' it's 'Bob Bennett' because that's his real name". Im not friends with him as he hasn't accepted my friend request yet but im positive it's him, although it's difficult to make out his profile pic". Investigations are still ongoing, The Lord Chief Justice has yet to comment.

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