Tuesday, 11 September 2012


The Ugandan Lottery HQ where the draw was believed to have taken place
A couple from East Sussex were overjoyed last night as they won the Ugandan Lottery.

Mr and Mrs Arndale from Pevensey Bay in Eastbourne scooped the jackpot of £4004024820.80 Ugandan shillings, believed to be in the region of one million English pounds.

The delighted couple who have been married 31 years couldn't believe their luck when they opened an E-mail telling them they had won the jackpot. "I didn't know whether to believe it at first", said an overwhelmed Mr Arndale, "I shouted to Shelia and told her to come to the computer and we both checked it over and over to make sure we had actually won, when we were both satisfied we entered our details in to the form given, including bank account number and sort code, then sent it off to the Ugandan Lottery HQ, me and Shelia then partyed the night away in celebration, before informing everybody the next morning".

Astonishingly neither Mr or Mrs Arndale can remember even entering the Ugandan lottery and said maybe it was a blessing in disguise. "I can't remember doing it and nor can Shelia", joked Bill aged 65, but sometimes life's like that, we weren't thinking about it or expecting anything and then suddenly one day you check your junk mail and bang, your life's changed forever".

Mr and Mrs Arndale are believed to be the first couple to claim the Ugandan lottery jackpot, although according to a source there are many outstanding claims all across the UK, which may lead to a mass panic to check junk and deleted E-mails.

When asked what the couple are going to do with their new found fortune, Mr Arndale said "A soon as the money is in my bank account, which I have been informed is any day soon, I will be booking a holiday for me and the wife, might even visit Uganda to say thank you".

Unfortunately nobody from the Ugandan Lottery HQ were available for comment, as the contact number we had was not recognised.

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