Tuesday, 14 August 2012


People went nuts for Bond on ITV
ITV bosses will be rubbing their hands with glee as rating's over the last two weeks have almost certainly doubled. The doom and gloom of yet another British summer spent indoors due to rain has been astonishingly lifted by some truly wonderful television by ITV.

August 2012 and the rain was falling heavily and all around were sullen faces. This threatened to be another summer washout stuck indoors watching mainly rubbish TV. Not if ITV were to have anything to do with it. The programmes and scheduling over the last fortnight have being nothing short of amazing, they have lifted a nation and made them believe anything is possible again, with positive and inspiring television.

One particular day ITV treated their viewers to a feast of television gold, this day was Saturday August 4th, which is now known as Super Saturday by viewers. First at 3.10, was the Bond classic Moonraker, Britain's best loved secret agent James Bond, played by Roger Moore, goes in to space to fight baddies with the whole country cheering him on. Following on from this was Agathe Christie's Marple and by this point most of the nation were on the edge of their seats as they watched in anticipation of how Marple would solve the case. If anyone did have plans to go out or watch anything else, these were soon to be abolished as at 8pm ITV pulled out their masterstroke in Midsomer Murders. This was gripping from start to finish as Barnaby and Jones eventually finished first in their race for the killer, but boy was it close.

ITV have recieved many plaudits over the past few weeks for their programmes and Twitter has gone mad praising the channel for organising such a difficult schedule. Housewife Jessica Redfearn paid tribute to ITV for making the last two weeks special for her and the family. "I can't praise ITV enough, the coverage has been uplifting for all of us, that Saturday was amazing, all the family came over and we had a great night, Granny and Grandad loved it and so did the kids, there was something for everybody". When asked what effect it has had on people in general Jessica added. "You just have to walk down the street and people are a lot friendlier and as for my kids all they are talking about is Midsomer Murders and Miss Marple, they want to grow up to be detectives and I sure will be proud if they do so".

The ITV have received millions of Tweets in the last few weeks, all of which were positive. Here is a small selection from some famous celebrities.


Wow what a few weeks of television, thanks ITV without you my summer would be ruined.


What can I say, truly remarkable, I will never forget these last two weeks of telly, that episode of Jeremy Kyle last Tuesday morning was the highlight for me. Keep up the good work ITV.


Gutted I missed super Saturday as I was running the 10,000 meters, but made sure it was recorded. Just watched Midsomer Murders and was filled with emotion when they caught the killer. Gripping stuff.


Just cracking stuff from ITV, really flying the flag for this country with classics such as Midsomer Murders and Agathe Christie, makes me proud to be British.


With the success of Daybreak and then working alongside Gareth Southgate and Jamie Carragher for the Euro's, I'm in no doubt I made the right choice to switch to ITV.

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