Thursday, 19 April 2012


Controversial Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli hit the headlines earlier in the season when he revealed a T-shirt saying 'Why Always Me' after scoring against rivals United, but now it seems his mum is asking the same question.  

In an exclusive interview with sky sports news, Mrs Balotelli said she was sick of doing everything round the house and ordered her son to help her out more or find somewhere else to live. "Why is it always me who cooks dinner, why is it always me who does the washing, the ironing, etc etc, he treats this place like a hotel, it's time for him to grow up and take responsibility for himself". Mrs Balotelli also revealed that she hasn't seen a penny of the rent for last month even though the Italian earns around a 100k a week. "I've asked him numerous times for some money this month and still nothing, god knows what he's spending it on, I really hope it's not going on strippers again as I've already had a chat with him about that".

Former Inter Milan striker, Balotelli has hit the headlines on numerous occasions this season, most recently  for his behaviour in the defeat to Arsenal in which he could have been sent off three times. Luckily for Balotelli he was just sent off once because those are the rules of the game. His tackling was dangerous and his frustration reached boiling point. Mario's temper troubles are not just on the pitch, his mother also said his anger issues are a problem at home and has pleaded with him to go to anger management classes. "He needs to go and get help for this, said his desperate mother. "The other day when I told him we had run out of chocolate Nesquick, he kicked the coffee table so hard he ended up hurting himself, which resulted in him rolling around on the floor for ten minutes, it's just ridiculous".

Asked if she would throw Mario out on the street if his behaviour continued, Mrs Balotelli said "I'll always defend him, he's my son and he's a good guy, but if he does not change in the future, then he we'll lose everything. If he doesn't understand this after all these years I can do nothing. I hope for him he can improve around the house and just help me a bit more and understand that he can't continue to treat me like this".

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