Tuesday, 22 November 2011



Guns 'N' Roses guitar legend Slash has demanded that the the punctuation marks in the English language often referred to as forward slash and backslash must be used by other names such as Slosh or Reverse Solidus, as he wants sole rights to the name. 

The Hampstead born rock star is said to be serious about the whole name change and has even got his lawyers on the case, but many believe he doesn't stand a chance. A top lawyer who can't be named for legal reasons reckons this is an ego trip too far and scoffed "I can't believe he's serious about going through with this, how far up your own arse do you have to be, these punctuation marks have been around since 1960, before Slash was born, plus it's not even his real name".


People close to Slash, real name Saul Hudson have found his behaviour more and more erratic over the past few months, especially towards the end of his world tour which finished last July. Staff have become increasingly worried about the musician turned songwriters mental state. One insider who was on tour with Slash revealed to us the crazy and wild things he did, such as;

DEMANDED an extra pillow from hotel staff as he wasn't getting comfortable night sleep.
THREW tub of Horlics at PA after he realised it was empty.
MADE small talk with strangers about the weather.
. HARASSED staff for Viagra tablets.


Slash was later seen by his doctor and after some tests he declared in a statement that Slash was in fact fine. "He's fine, it's just a mixture of getting old and not being centre of attention anymore, he still wants to shock but unfortunately it's not quite how it used to be, in a couple of days he would have forgotten all about trying to get full rights to the name Slash and we can all move on".

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