Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Neglected husband
Reports today suggest it's not just the elderly who lack basic care, an inquest also found that husbands across the country are being neglecting by their wives.

The Home Care Review highlighted cases such as; meals not being prepared, unironed clothing and lack of sexual intercourse. It said that on some occasions men were forced  to purchase takeaway food as they had no cooked meal when they arrived home. In another shocking incident a married man had no choice but to look after the children while his wife socialised with friends.

One recently married man from Ealing, West London bravely spoke out about his experience of neglect from his wife, stating that he felt lost after she refused to care for him. In an interview with BBC News he said, "One night I came home from the pub around 10.30pm, really hungry, I went straight in to the kitchen but my dinner was nowhere to be seen, so I ended up having to make a sandwich, after eating it I stumbled on up to bed. I remember waking my sleeping wife by kissing her neck and trying to start intercourse, but she told me I stunk of alcohol and sent me to the spare room, I couldn't believe what was happening".

The Home Care Review did say that there are still many husbands who are satisfied with the level of care from their significant other, but too many were not getting the right levels of support. ERHC commissioner Baroness Shelly Greengrass who led the report, said that changes must be put in place to stop this from happening. "We have to go back to how it used to be, too many women are working long hours and are not leaving enough time for their husbands". She added "Men find it difficult to function on their own and the kitchen can be a very daunting place for them, we are not sure exactly what the solution is but we are working hard in this area to combat the problem".

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