Saturday, 12 November 2011


Pippa Middleton has split from her long-term boyfriend Alex Loudon after she caught him looking at pictures of her on the Internet.

Pippa who was bridesmaid at sister Kate's royal wedding to Prince William earlier this year, has become somewhat of a sex symbol since then, with her bottom being a focal point. Thousands of red blooded males have browsed the Internet looking at pictures of the 28 year old over the last few months, but unbeknown to Pippa her boyfriend was also part of this lewd act.

LBW: Leave but why?
A close friend of Pippa who has been by her side since the split said "Our little Pip squeak is ever so down hearted, not once had she suspected that Alex was surfing the net for images of her, she opened up the Internet history one day and was horrified to find searches such as 'Pippa Middleton sexy pics' and 'Pippa Middleton's bum'. She feels tremendously let down by Alex and can no longer trust him, she thought he was the one and even whispered to me not so long ago that she may let him touch her famous backside soon, but now he's blown it".

When caught out, ex Cricketer Alex, 31 had no choice but to come clean and declared himself all out of excuses after Pippa found the pics, but a spokesman for the former England batsman claimed there was no ball tampering from Alex during his browsing sessions. "Alex was just curious to see what pictures of Pippa were being put online and insures me there was no sexual gratification on his part, unfortunately Pippa didn't see it that way and feels he crossed the boundary, still they had a good innings and I'm sure he'll move on".

Pippa, now back on the market is believed to have a thing for sporty men. Ryan Giggs is said to be interested.

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