Saturday, 12 November 2011


Here is a selection of e-mails on events of the past week

Having a problem scoring drugs? Talk to Frankie

B. Stevenson, Rotherham

I have to agree in light of the pregnancy scandal involving Justin Bieber the mere suggestion of such an act is ridiculous.
The notion that Justin Bieber in fact has a penis is laughable.

K. Pearson, Scunthorpe

I suppose someone had to be guilty of Michael Jackson's death, my money was always on Bubbles, something dodgy about that chimp.
L. Bridges, Cardiff

What will Berlusconi do now he's resigned as Prime Minister and the country riddled with debt.  just shag all day I would imagine, which is probably what he was doing anyway.

C. Millard, Reading

I don't understand what the puppy has got to do with England and the second world war but I guess I will allow them to use one in the game against Spain as not to cause any conflict.

S. Blatter, Switzerland

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