Saturday, 10 September 2011


Here is a selection of e-mails on events of the past week.

The judges on this years X factor are shit compared to last year and everything is Tulisa this, Tulisa that, what’s so special about her, walking around as if she owns the place.

C. Cole, South Shields

I find it deeply offensive that Iain Duncan Smith has come out and said that gangs were at the centre of the violence during the London riots. I am part of a gang and had nothing to do with it!

Billy (The Blade) Edwards, London

How about when it gets down to the final 8 contestants of ITV game show Red or Black, it should then turn into X Factor with those 8 remaining singing on the live shows, regardless of whether they can or not. Now that’s entertainment.

Paul, Essex

I hate transfer deadline day in the Premier League, it’s so frustrating you hope and pray that something good is going happen and it never does, I stayed up until midnight just hoping a big deal would be done, but ultimately was left disappointed. Oh well I guess it’s another season of mediocrity.

G. Cahill, Bolton

If only there was a pot luck, leave it to chance way to decide if Nathan Hageman should give his winnings back to the game show Red or Black.
William, Dumfries

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